How to apply

Apply to institutions through Studenthubng

Find out how and when to apply for courses using Studenthubng, and what happens after you have made your application.

When to apply

Applications can be submitted once the course is listed as available by the institution. You can start your applications by doing your research about courses at your preferred institution and completing your profile at any time.

Some institutions might have an application deadline, which means you will need to apply early, you can check the deadlines of your chosen institution on their profile.

How to apply

Applications through Studenthubng is simple and straightforward, you can apply to multiple institutions of your choice by conducting a simple search based on your course preference, location, institution or any other criteria. All courses are listed individually, so you can choose which and how many you want to apply for.

You’ll need to complete an application form which will be sent directly to the institution. Please ensure you fill in all required details and upload all supporting documents and results as necessary.

Searching for courses and providers

Before choosing a course and a provider, it is advisable to think about what you might enjoy, what type of learning environment would benefit you, what your career options are and other variables such as fees, location, duration etc. You can use our website to search for opportunities around you.

There are lots of courses that you can look through, find out more details about the courses, qualifications and which institutions offers them.

You should read more on choosing a course and institution.

Saving courses

During the course of your research, you can save courses that you find interesting and follow institutions you might be interested in for future applications when you finally make a decision. This will make your search and decision making process a lot easier, you will be able to compare courses, fees, and other criteria, so when you finally make a decision, you do not have to start your search from scratch, simply go to your saved courses to start your application.

Completing your profile

You can complete your profile at any time, it is advisable to do this once you sign up so you can be ready to make applications once you start your research.

There are four sections that you need to fill out which are:
1. Personal information
2. References
3. Education history
4. Supporting Documents (results, personal statement, certificates etc.)

All four sections need to be completed before you can start an application.

Making an application

Making an application is simple and straightforward, once you have completed your profile and paid for an application package.

Once you have paid the application fee, you simply have to click on the “apply for course” button on the course of your choice. Fill in the application form and click on “submit” to process your application, you will be redirected to a payment page to process your application fees, once you complete the payment, your application will be submitted and you will receive a confirmation email. You will now be able to track the progress of your application under the “applications” category on your dashboard.

You can send applications to as many institutions as you like.

Application progress

Once you complete your application, you will be able to see the progress at any time by signing into your profile and checking the ‘Applications’ category.
The institution will review your application and make a decision based on the
information you provided, you can be contacted or contact the institution by sending a message to provide additional information or clarifications if required.

You can view your application status at any time; there are three categories

Accepted – this means you have been given an offer by the institution

In Progress – this means your application is still in consideration

Rejected – this means your application has been denied


this means you have been given an offer by the institution

In Progress

this means your application is still in consideration


this means your application has been denied

What happens next?

After you have submitted your application, the institution will start to process it.

  • They might respond to you through NUCAPS or your email, so make sure you check your application dashboard regularly.
  • They might invite you for a screening, post UTME exam, an interview or registration, depending on the admission process of the institution
  • Make sure you keep your contact details up-to-date so you can get updates and messages about your application.

Top Tips

1. Check the entry requirements of the courses you are applying for.
2. Check the courses you are applying for fit with your career or job aspirations.
3. Check your spelling and grammar on your application.
4. Check you have the correct contact information on your application.
5. Upload all required documents, results, transcripts in order to avoid delays


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