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Consider an apprenticeship

What is apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is a type of training where by a person learns a craft, skill or trade by hands on experience while working with a skilled worker/master of the trade. The person who works for another person in order to learn a skill is called “an apprentice”.

For example a person who works with a plumber to learn skills necessary to become a plumber is an apprentice.

Often times apprenticeship is interpreted to only mean learning a craft such as carpentry, plumbing, tailoring, hair dressing and so on. To most Parents you have to choose between apprenticeship and getting a university education, considering the option of becoming an apprentice might make you feel unserious because a university degree sounds more appealing. Contrary to this ideology apprenticeship is more than learning a craft or trade, it involves a real job training that allows the apprentice to earn while they work, gain relevant
experience, learn a new skill and a recognized qualification/certification. It is possible to learn a skill relevant to your course of study in the university or career choice. There are various types of apprenticeships across several industry sectors, including engineering, finance, accountancy, business, IT & telecommunications, health care, education, logistics creative & media etcetera.

How to become an apprentice

 Decide what kind of apprenticeship you want to embark on or skill you will like to learn. For example if you like creating websites, developing software and programming, you might want to be an apprentice with an IT firm.
 Find apprentice opportunities in your area of interest
 Apply to the organization/person that best suit you
 Once you are accepted /employed, complete your apprenticeship and gain experience.

The world is changing as globalization is taking over, the labor market is becoming more competitive and theory based knowledge gained from the university does not guarantee a job employment. Most organizations and companies now value the importance of training and skill acquisition among their workers; most organizations are willing to hire candidates who
will be a positive contribution to them. There are tons of skills (soft and hard) to be learnt.

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