What you can do with a degree in “Sociology”

Sociology The study of human society, interactions and the problem-solution dynamic is the crux of a Sociology degree. In Nigerian universities, this degree is available as a Bachelor of Science in Sociology under a duration of four years. Sociology is offered under Humanities and Social sciences. It provides its students with the knowledge of sociological

What you can do with a degree in Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counselling is one of the recently available programmes in Nigerian universities. Contrary to the popularly recommended courses in science and tech, this is a practical course that prepares students with knowledge, empathetic skills and techniques for their careers. In some universities, it is available as a four-year course under Education and Humanities. A

What you can do with a creative arts degree

Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts is a reputable and profitable degree earned after a stipulated amount of time in the university. Requirements for entry may differ according to the university and programme but the UTME and Post-UTME subject combinations must involve Arts and social sciences. At the tertiary level, creative arts prepares students for

What you can do with a degree in Mass Communication

Mass communication is a widely-sought after course in the Bsc. Programme under social sciences and humanities. The typically four-year course prepares students with the knowledge of journalism, public relations, communication studies and advertising. These develop the students’ individual practical skills for the post-tertiary work experience. Upon completion of the mandatory units, a Bsc. in Mass