Choosing a career

Planning a future

Choosing a career path is a delicate and important step when planning your future

Making the right career call

Success is measured, in these times, by how much you earn vs. how fulfilled you are. Due to this current mindset, there is the need to balance financial success with personal fulfilment.

Choosing a career comes easy to some people as it is what they have been inching towards, their entire lifetimes. People in this category are usually the creative and extra-talented, like artists and musicians.

For others, it takes a bit of scrutiny and the comparison between interests and abilities before they can find a path to set out on. If you belong in the latter, here are a few tips to help you choose a career.


  • Don’t go into a career because it is the current most lucrative field.

Remember that you are not the only one seeing it that way and at such the labour market is already overflowing with potential candidates. Instead, seek out career opportunities in the relatively less common fields so that you get a chance to grow with it to the top tier.

  • Choose passion.

Most people would tell you that passion doesn’t always pay but that can be untrue. When you are doing a job that reflects your passion, things come easier to you. Long working hours don’t seem so strenuous and you actually enjoy working as opposed to a job you are doing just for the paycheck. Going after a career in line with what you are passionate about gives you the perfect balance of financial security and fulfillment.

  • Consider the odds.

At any crossroad you come to; be it going mainstream or peculiar, always consider the possibility of the oddest reality. ‘What could go wrong?’ vs. ‘what could go right?’ Go with the best odds and be sure of it!

  • Be confident.

At the end, your confidence is what matters most. Whatever career choice you make, just be certain that it’s one you are confident of no matter what!

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