Gap years

Taking some time off

Thinking of taking some time off to figure out what you want to do?

Take a gap year

Following the completion of your secondary education, there are two general options; tertiary education or a gap year. Other options are included in the alternatives subsection.

A gap year is the equivalent of willingly taking a year off before heading to university for tertiary studies. Typically, students who take off a gap year actually do so because they are not ready for the overwhelming tasks. Others do it as a part of their after-school plan, take off the year and get some extracurricular activities/ volunteering done before going to college and getting a degree.

For a gap year, the most popular option is to travel around on a voluntary mission or backpack through a country with friends. Alternatives to a corps mission and backpacking can be apprenticeship, planning and executing a charity event, comparing your college options and having as much peace as you can! The least popular option for a gap year plan is using that time to enroll and take classes/tutorials in preparation for your university entrance examination.

It is important to remember that when planning your gap year, you should consider firstly, your budget and then schedule your months. Towards the end, re-orient yourself in preparation for the school year.