What are employers looking for?

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What employers want

The job search is widely known to be an unpleasant experience. Closely rivalled by this, is the worse experience of not meeting up to the standards of the potential employee.

It is very important to know the expectations that are displayed in the job listing –as well as the less obvious. A job listing for a digital marketer may or may not hold that you are expected to be efficient in the use of basic MS programs such as Word and Excel.


How do you know?

The best way to prepare against eventualities is to;

  1. Understand the field you choose to set a career in,
  2. Understand the position you are applying for and further,
  3. Understand the employees’ field.

If you are applying for a job in a tech. software company you should know everything there is to know about technology and software development. Then do sufficient research to ensure that your skillset in the field matches the services that the company provides.

The above analysis is relative to any job in any field. You cannot know 100% of what the employee is looking for but it is important that you match your technical skillset with quality soft skills as well.

The combination of your research, findings, technical and soft skills will package you into what the employee wants against all odds.